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Architecture, Real Estate, Interior & Landscapes Gallery

Palm Springs Architecture Photographer – Scott Campbell Photography

Serving LA, Palm Springs, Palm Desert & Southern California with Architecture, Real Estate, Interior and Landscape Photography.


Scott Campbell, a Southern California and Palm Springs Architecture Photographer, is creative, professional and highly dynamic.

Palm Springs Photographer, Scott Campbell, produces high resolution architectural & real estate photography images, compensated for perspectives and depth of field via swings, tilts and shifts in either the lens, camera mechanism or post processing depending on technique used. Custom lighting, dusk and dawn shoots, long exposures and rich imagery can all be expected for both indoor and outdoor shoots. Images delivered as high resolution on DVD/CD

Whether you are an architect, designer or real estate agent, your property is commercial or residential, inside or outside, middle of nowhere or the middle of the city, Palm Springs Photographer, Scott Campbell, has the skills, staff and gear to handle any kind of architecture photography that you can image.

Architecture and interior design are art and there is an art to architecture photography.  Scott Campbell’s photographs stand apart with an eye for seeing the Gestalt of a design and beautifully translating its 3 dimensions into 2 dimensions for web, print or any other use.


College of the Desert Flyover for PMSM Architects

PGA West Real Estate Flyover

Sun City Del Web Palm Desert Flyover

Andalusia Country Club at Coral Mountain Hole #6 Flyover

JW Marriott Desert Springs, Palm Desert Flyover



Competitive Rates

Scott Campbell’s Photography rates are competitive and flexible while still delivering exactly what you need for your project.  Whether you need a hero shot for a magazine cover or a walk through for your MLS listing I’ll make your property look amazing.

For a custom quote send me an email or give me a call.  I’ll make your work look amazing.


Fast turn around delivered to your specs

Scott Campbell Photography’s turn around time is fast and on time.  We deliver the images to the specifications you, the MLS, your website or your printer needs.

The following link will show you a gallery of complete Residential Real Estate Walkthrough style photography done for Sun and Fun Vacation Rentals:

Architectural Walkthrough Gallery

Architecture, Real Estate, Interior & Landscapes Gallery



Senior Portraits Gallery

Senior Portrait Photographer – Scott Campbell – Palm Desert, Palm Springs & all of Southern California

Scott Campbell, Senior Portrait Photographer, captures your High School Senior’s Personality with creative and beautiful Photography

Palm Desert and Palm Springs Senior Portrait Photographer, Scott Campbell, will not only take amazing high school senior portraits, you will have fun doing the photo shoot too.  Young adults are a great to work with.  They have great ideas, passion, energy and to me are an inspiration.  Taking high school senior portraits is one of those parts of my job that I love to do.  It’s simply fun.

Prior to your student’s photo shoot I’ll collaborate with you and your student to work out a few portrait options ranging from doing the classic cap & gown to beautiful images that you can send to family and of course the wonderful lifestyle portraits that represent your student, what they love and who they are at this time in their life.

I service the whole Coachella Valley and all of Southern California.  We can shoot your Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City or Palm Springs Senior Portraits anywhere, the beach, the mountains, the studio, your backyard, where ever. The idea is that we capture your student’s  personality and passions at this time in their life through fun and professional photography.

My Palm Springs Photographers prices are reasonable and competitive.

Packages can range from all digital to all prints or both and I can prep images for social media too.

Contact me and we can discuss ideas and options.

Event Gallery

Palm Desert and Palm Springs Event Photographers

Corporate conferences, parties, trade shows,  a few close friends to many 1000’s of attendees, we have covered events for more than ten years in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Los Angeles & at the national level.


Scott Campbell Photography, Premier Palm Springs Event Photographers

Scott Campbell Photography LA, Palm Desert and Palm Springs Event Photographers, have been serving Southern California & beyond since 2003 with international, award winning Event Photography. As top ranked photographers in Palm Springs our photography is all inclusive from commercial, to private and corporate events. We have shot over 1000 events throughout the USA. Scott Campbell has a BFA in Photography, a CS degree and has also spent 15 years working for corporations such as Microsoft, Visio and ESRI in sales and marketing at the director level. This unique combination of education in art and technology, and experience/skills in technology, sales, photography and business development, and makes him a perfect candidate for working events that have a wide range of attendees from staff to executive level. For more detailed information on see the client list and sample events below. Or go to

Sample event client list

Coca Cola

The Dunbar Companies

Jack in the Box

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Forrest Lawn

Franchise Business Review


Tommy Bahamas

RBC Dain Rauscher

National Jewish Foundation

Bank of America

Reaction Productions


Desert Aids Project

The Ritz Carlton


The JW Marriot

Sherman Clay


American Cancer Society

Granite Loan Management

US Marines


Michael’s House Recovery Centers

Tourisme Montréal

Dyno Nobel Inc

Many more upon request

Palm Springs Event Photographer Rates

Our rates are very competitive and flexible.  We can charge by the hour or by the project. Email or Call now for a custom quote.

Pet Portraits Gallery

Palm Springs Pet Portrait Photography by Scott Campbell

Friendly and fun pet portraits

Doing pet photography for owners of their loved companions is possibly the most rewarding photography I get to do.  Specifically Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs Pet Portrait Photography is wonderful because so many of the people in our area truly pamper their pets and treat them as a member of the family.  Many of our residents either do not have children or their children have moved out.  Their pets are their new children and their companions.  It’s wonderful to see the number of pets with their human companions walking El Paseo in Palm Desert or Palm Canyon in Palm Springs.  Pets are a big part of our every day lives here in Palm Springs area.

As a result, we get to have a blast photographing pets, playing with them, dressing them up, treating them and laughing with them and their owners… er humans.

Photographically capturing those moments with my pet photography is a wonderful experience for all.  We all have fun, especially the pets.

Ask my family, for some reason animals seem to love me, they come right up to me to be pet, seem to listen or understand my direction and seem to trust me.  Hey, call it a gift.  I love it and use it well with my pet photography jobs.

So lets go to the park, to your pet’s favorite place to play, to your garden or the studio and capture some wonderful pet photography of your pet and hey, you too.

As a Palm Springs Photographer my rates are very reasonable.  For more information contact me here.


Vacation Photography Gallery

Palm Desert & Palm Springs Vacation Photographer

Photographing your fun so you can have fun.

  • Wish you could capture that perfect romantic moment, golf outing, kids on the water slide, sunset, sandcastle, toast, or other vacation moment with you and your family ALL in the picture?
  • Do you want amazing pictures of your vacation?
  • Tired of handing your point & shoot or cell phone to some stranger to take your family vacation picture?
  • Want to stop worrying about taking pictures so you can just play?
  • Want to have your vacation pictures posted to Facebook, Pinterest or other social media as they happen?
  • Don’t want to organize, manage, send out links etc., etc., of your family vacation pictures after your vacation?

Hire Scott Campbell, for your Vacation Photography. While I am based in the Palm Desert / Palm Springs area I cover all of Southern California and travel worldwide as needed.

My photography includes fun candid, documentary and artistic styles using techniques and gear that allow me to blend in and not stick out, you wont even know I’m there.  I also take fantastic and fun family and individual portraits using the lifestyle portrait technique which essentially gives you a portrait of you having fun. Lastly, I am also an award winning landscape, architecture and fine art photographer so you’ll be guaranteed to have stunning beautiful images unique to your vacation.

  • Documentary and candid styles
  • Unobtrusive presence
  • Lifestyle Portraits
  • Award winning landscape, architecture and fine art images
  • Fun and personable personality will put you at ease and add to your fun.

In the Palm Desert & Palm Springs area, some of the great opportunities for vacation photography are:

  • Golfing, we have some of the world top golf courses all in one area.
  • Hiking, Palm Springs Tram, Mountains, Oasis and more – our landscape is incredibly beautiful and diverse.
  • Knott’s Soak City Palm Springs and our amazing hotel resorts
  • Red Jeep tours along with many other local area tours
  • Palm Springs Modern Architecture walks
  • Indian Canyons
  • And so much more.

Let Palm Desert & Palm Springs Vacation Photographer Scott Campbell capture your vacation so you can play hard.

Fashion Gallery

LA, Palm Desert & Palm Springs Fashion Photographer


Image is everything in the world of a Greater Los Angeles, Palm Springs fashion photographer.

Your face, hair, body, style, clothing and personality are your image and all critical in representing yourself via images. Your portfolio and comp card must represent you and the photography must be top notch to land that next job whether for a magazine, commercial or advertisement. Helping you feel and look your best for your fashion photography session and capturing you in those moments are my specialties.

As a Palm Springs Fashion Photographer my style is creative, interactive, organic, respectful and most of all, fun producing images that represent you at your best. I can provide hair, make-up and wardrobe or accommodate yours. My photography equipment is 100% digital with a state of the art photography studio and photographic lighting. You can get your images on DVD the same day as the photography shoot. Or I can create your comp card or help build your portfolio of strong images.

Fashion & Glamour Photography Services

  •  100% Digital Photography Image Capture for day of image delivery
  •  Color and Black & White Digital touch up and illustrative photography services
  •  Image consulting for Portfolio, Comp Card or Target Job themes
  •  Beauty services – hair, makeup, wardrobe
  •  Day rates, per shot rates custom packages for comp cards etc.
  •  Multiple photographers with different specialties and personalities
  •  Graphic design services for Comp Card and other design
  •  Large format photography print services for portfolio work.


On Location or In Studio any shoot any size

No matter where the photographs need to be taken or how large or complex the assignment, I can make it happen. In association with Sherrill and Associates, a large Southern California Photography & Photographic Equipment Rental Studio I have access to large studio space, assistants, additional photographers, state of the art lighting, camera equipment and grip enough for almost any size studio and or on location photography assignment.

Locations I Cover

While I am based in the Greater Los Angeles area, I do shoot all over Southern California. If your shoot is roughly 2 hours from the Palm Desert / Palm Springs area, I do not charge extra travel time except in the case of overnight lodgings.


Commercial Photography Gallery

Award winning Palm Springs Professional Commercial Photographer


Palm Springs, Palm Desert & Southern California Area Professional Commercial Photographer Services

Professional Commercial Photographer, Scott Campbell Photography’s creative works are much more than technique.  Knowing the gear and lighting used for commercial photography is critical.  And, being able to understand, and translate a clients needs into a valuable, usable, money making image takes the use of people, technology, creative and artistic skills and knowledge. This done correctly is a true art.  With my fine art education, years of corporate marketing/design experience and commercial photography training, I’m able to bring creative and interesting visual solutions to any project and deliver the final work on time and within budget.

Whether the shoot requires hiking up a mountain, creating custom reflections with broken mirrors or using the latest LED lighting in studio I’m able to deliver top commercial photography solutions within budget and on time.

Competitive Palm Desert and Palm Springs Professional Commercial Photographer Rates

As a Palm Springs Photographer my rates are competitive and flexible while still delivering exactly what you need for your project. Whether you need a hero shot for a magazine cover or a to catalog 500 items for auction, products or services stand out above all of the rest.

For a custom quote send me an email or give me a call. I’ll make your work look amazing.



Fine Art Photographer Gallery

Fine Art Photographer, Awarded, Juried & Published, Scott Campbell Photography


Palm Desert / Palm Springs based Fine Art Photographer – unusual, eye catching and truly interesting

My favorite locations to create fine art photography include the Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, Amusement Parks, Beaches and abandoned human creations.  I like to use unusual techniques both in the camera and Photoshop.  Lenses such as Lens Baby, Fish-eye and tilt shift are always in my kit.  Using multiple exposures to give the option of creative High Dynamic Range, HDR, fine art photography is something I almost always do in every shot. Thinking out of the box to creatively use long exposures, panoramic views, low light, night time, unusual angles and ways of looking at things that makes the viewer think at least twice is now second nature.

I have created a number of galleries that focus on different aspects of my artistic photography works and I will continue to add more as I compile them together.

Salton Sea Photography

Light Painting Photography

Palm Springs Indian Canyons


Amusement Parks


Like it? My Fine Art Photography is for sale.

As a fine art photographer, the images you see in my gallery are for sale. I always have a limited set of prints for each image.  Each fine art photography piece is signed and numbered. While I don’t yet post prices or print numberings online, if you contact me through my contact page or by phone, with the fine art photography image you’d like, I’ll get back to you with print size options, run limitations, prices etc.


Light Painting Gallery

Light Painting by Palm Desert/Palm Springs Photographer Scott Campbell Photography

Light Painting Photography, also know as Light Graffiti and Painting with Light, is a form of fine art photography that is mesmerizing, captivating, thought provoking and beautiful.  Scott Campbell has been doing long, exposure light painting with many different tools and techniques since the 1980’s.  Scott’s college thesis and final college show was held with light painting photography.

Technically all photography is painting with light. However, Light Painting Photography has become the creative and beautiful art of capturing moving light, mixed patterns of natural light or adding and mixing fields of light into or onto a scene and over time in an exposure long enough to blur point sources or burn in and blend light fields.

For example flashlights, glow sticks and LEDs make great point sources for writing a word or creating patterns in long exposures. Colored gels over lights or flashes work fantastic to create beautifully blended fields of light creating every color you can imagine.  Candles, car headlights, fire pits, flaming batons, heck, anything that makes or reflects light can be used to to paint with light in your photography.

You’ll want to make the exposure long enough to create some sort of light trail. Since it’s a long exposure, you’ll want a tripod or other steady surface to place your camera.  As long as the ambient scene is exposed to where it looks good and your painting source is not too bright, you’ll capture amazing light drawings.

Personally I particularly like creating and blending fields of color using flashes and colored gels. Or to create long exposures of pre-lit objects such as carnivals or car lights on streets.

Use your imagination, your results will always surprise you.

To get your creative ideas going, here are a few links to my favorite inspirational and technique oriented sites:

Light Painting Photography

Tripwire Magazine

The Coolist



Salton Sea Photography Gallery

Scott Campbell’s Salton Sea Photography

Salton Sea Photography…. Beautiful, destitute, decay, sanctuary, ancient lake, man-made lake, stinky, creepy, time-warp, hope, energy, past, future…

So many words come to mind when I travel to the Salton Sea on a photographic tour.  From some photographer’s perspectives, the Salton Sea is rich in creepy beauty, almost like a movie set that is real.  Yet that is only one way of looking at the Salton Sea.  Birds look at the Salton Sea as a way-point on a migration path and as home.  The Salton Sea is also a birders paradise.   Dr Milt Friend of the Salton Sea Science Office calls it a “crown jewel of avian biodiversity”.  There have been over avian species alone documented at the Salton Sea.

Why do I like Salton Sea Photography?  For some weird reason I have always found beauty in decay of things that humans have created. Nothing we create is meant to last forever and it’s decay is beautiful to watch and capture. It’s decay is caused by nature, or maybe it’s existence alone drives nature to cause it to decay.  Seemingly even man-made things made of materials that should decay over a millennial timescale seem to take only hundreds of years.  As if nature must get rid of our presence to be at peace.  There’s also a story behind each man-made artifact that is in decay. My imagination goes wild when I photographically capture the decay and the imagination of the story behind the artifact from when it was first imagined to being abandoned, to repopulated  by… whatever… and then taken back by nature.  Somehow I see the entire history and future in my imagination. I strive to photograph just a single point of that history and future through juxtaposing beauty and decay into an image that demands to be seen.

Or maybe, as someone said to me recently, “something really weird happened to you as a child”.


First a little history on the Salton Sea

This is a paraphrase of the Salton Sea entry on Wikipedia (

The Salton Sea lies in Southern California USA.  Its surface sits 226 feet below sea level in the southern Colorado Desert.  The Salton Sea is currently fed by “the New, Whitewater, and Alamo rivers, as well as agricultural runoff drainage systems and creeks.” (see

Geologists estimate that as the Colorada River built it’s delta into the Sea of Cortez over the last 3 million years, it created a massive dam and which blocked the Salton Sea from the gulf and created the Salton Sink or Salton Basin.  As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for this dam, the Sea of Cotez gulf would extend all the way up into the southern ends of the Coachella Valley.

Since this massive dam formed the Salton Sea Basin or Salton Sea Sink has been a dry desert to a full fresh water lake.  As you drive south along the western shorline you can actually see the different water levels erroded into the rock and cliff faces.  The last known lake to occupy the area “was Lake Cahuilla, also periodically identified on older maps as Lake LeConte, and the Blake Sea, after American professor and geologist William Phipps Blake.” (see

Then in 1900… whoopsie…

I copied this directly from Wikipedia, it’s the best short description I can find of how the current Salton Sea formed. Here’s the link for lot’s more reading:

“In 1900, the California Development Company began construction of irrigation canals to divert water from the Colorado River into the Salton Sink, a dry lake bed. After construction of these irrigation canals, the Salton Sink became fertile for a time, allowing farmers to plant crops.

Within two years, the Imperial Canal became filled with silt from the Colorado River. Engineers tried to alleviate the blockages to no avail. In 1905, heavy rainfall and snowmelt caused the Colorado River to swell, overrunning a set of headgates for the Alamo Canal. The resulting flood poured down the canal and breached an Imperial Valley dike, eroding two watercourses, the New River in the west, and the Alamo River in the east, each about 60 miles (97 km) long.[6] Over a period of approximately two years these two newly created rivers sporadically carried the entire volume of the Colorado River into the Salton Sink.[7]

The Southern Pacific Railroad attempted to stop the flooding by dumping earth into the canal’s headgates area, but the effort was not fast enough, and as the river eroded deeper and deeper into the dry desert sand of the Imperial Valley, a massive waterfall was created that started to cut rapidly upstream along the path of the Alamo Canal that now was occupied by the Colorado. This waterfall was initially 15 feet (4.6 m) high but grew to a height of 80 feet (24 m) before the flow through the breach was finally stopped. It was originally feared that the waterfall would recede upstream to the true main path of the Colorado, attaining a height of up to 100 to 300 feet (30 to 91 m), from where it would be practically impossible to fix the problem. As the basin filled, the town of Salton, a Southern Pacific Railroad siding, and Torres-Martinez Indian land were submerged. The sudden influx of water and the lack of any drainage from the basin resulted in the formation of the Salton Sea.[8][9] “

A resort paradise, not.

During the 1950’s developers, architects and eccentrics alike believed the Salton Sea could be inland ocean resort land.  Towns such as Salton City, Salton Sea Beach, and Desert Shores on the western shore and Desert Beach, North Shore, and Bombay Beach were all built up in hopes of attracting tourists.  Then the results of years of agricultural inflow and no outflow started to occur.  Higher salinity, up to an estimated 4.4%, much higher than the ocean, pollution, algae blooms and subsequent fish die offs all contributed to an environment that in no way would support a tourist community.  The population went into decline, people simply left.  structures and potential developments such as the wealthy canals like Venice Beach just abandoned.  Many, many properties were simply left to rot. Including the famous Albert Frey North Shore Marina.

The result is a crazy, eerie landscape of dashed hopes, decay, attempts to rebuild… a photographer’s paradise.

Check out some of my Salton Sea Photography in the below gallery.







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